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An indicator for diabetes complication and its treatment   more
99% high purity/high concentration collagen raw material   more
for Burn/Bedsore/Diabetic wound
Morphine, Methamphetamine, arijuana, Cocaine, Benzodiazepines, Amphetamine. One step, easy to use, only five minutes .   more
Immunoassay is for lower GIT screening, Chemical test is for upper GIT screening, (Patented)   more

41°C Avian Soluble Collagen
An Expert of Skincare and Repair

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AGEs Immunoassay
Autologous Stem Cell

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Customize autologous P-Stem Cell

The standardized of stem Cell treatment

What is Minimum Effective Dose for stem cell treatment?
Ans: 200 million per time.
2 million stem cell per kg(body weight). 100kg human body = 200 million stem cell per time.

How many stem cell that you can collect from bone marrow, peripheral blood or fatty tissue?
Ans: several million stem cell only.

Cultured nerve cell in lab





The comparison of current stem cell


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