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41°C Avian Soluble Collagen
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41℃ Avian Soluble Collagen

41℃ Avian Soluble Collagen

We produce 99.9% purity of 41℃ avian soluble collagen raw material since 1999. This medical grade collagen is suitable for plastic surgery (collagen injection), artificial organ, wound healing(collagen dressing), aesthetic medicine(collagen gel for the wound of skin laser/skin peel), dermatology(collagen gel to cure acne), antiaging(collagen to remove pores, wrinkles and sagging skin). 41℃ avian soluble collagen is able to penetrate into the dermis, it is easy to reduce skin pores, to remove wrinkle and sagging skin.

more information for 41℃ Soluble Collagen:http://www.collagen.tw/

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Photograph showed 99.9% purity of Avian Soluble Collagen raw material.

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